Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Barbie and Authentic Worship?

The other night, I had the awesome privilege of catching a glimpse of what true worship might be from my youngest daughter, Sophie. I was sitting at my computer while she and her sister were watching "Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus" which they got for Easter from their grandma. This was their first time watching it. As it was approaching the end of the movie, I caught a glimpse of Sophie. Her eyes were WIDE OPEN with anticipation about what might happen. Would good conquer evil? Would the princess save the day?

Then it happened. I saw her eyes open even wider. A soft, barely audible sound began to form in Sophie's mouth. It gradually crescendoed to a full out "YEAH!!!!!!!!", as the evil wizard was defeated!!! Then as the fairies (formerly held captive) streaked across the screen: "WOW!" And then, "BUTTERFLIES!!!" And finally, "Hey! The blush (a flower) made a rainbow!"

Yeah, I couldn't stop grinning. One of those moments where the absolute WONDER of a child is completely captivating. She was so enthralled in this movie that she couldn't help but verbally SHOUT OUT her excitement!

So let's recap. First, the evil one is defeated. Second, the captives are set free. And finally, a rainbow appears. Any similarities to worship here? When's the last time I shouted in praise of my King who conquered sin and death. The captives, like you and me, are SET FREE!!! And the promise of the rainbow - that God will never give up on us. I think I'll let my daughter take the lead for a while. I think she gets what this worship thing is all about. Hm... "Faith like a child..." Where is that from again?


brent said...

And we got all that from Barbie! Who knew?!?!!

Marcy said...

Hi dan, this is Heredes' wife...it never ceases to amaze me how true it is to come to Christ, all the time, with faith like a child...awesome interpretation of Barbie and worhip..ha..funny..thanks for your prayers for my husband and your friendship ...it means alot to him...God bless you and your fam...