Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Finally Finishing "Simply Christian"

A few quotes from N.T. Wright in the final chapters of his newest book "Simply Christian":

"You can't reflect God's image without returning to worship to keep the reflection fresh and authentic."

"In the same way, worship sustains and nourishes fellowship; without it, fellwoship quickly deteriorates into groups of the like-minded, which in turn quickly become exclusive cliques - the very opposite of what Jesus's people should be aiming at."

"At the heart of the Christian ethic is humility; at the heart of its parodies, pride."

If you haven't read it, I would recommend it if you like a little more talk about orthodoxy (right belief) and a little less about orthopraxy (right behavior).

Next book I am looking forward to is Rob Bell's Sex God.

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skoutz said...

Did you go hear him speak at Calvin too? I was so jealous of Jeff and Jason. I'm excited to read Simply Christian. It is next on my list, after Sex God. I'm reading it right now.

Great job Thursday night!