Monday, April 09, 2007

Big Easter at GCC!

WOW! What a fantastic group of artists and technicians we have! An amazing group of over 50 volunteers/staff helped put together the programming for an incredible EIGHT Easter services this weekend. Our attendance was just over 10,000 people which is also amazing considering that Easter came right at the end of Spring Break! You can check out the service HERE.

Some highlights:

DC Curry (our youth director/former Notre Dame football star) helped bring the heat as Trace Rorie (my brother with the kickin' voice and best hair), my wife, Lisa and I performed the Black Eyed Peas song "Let's Get it Started".

For worship, we sang Charlie Hall's "Marvelous Light" and Chris Tomlin's "Let God Arise". Chris' song has that line in it that continues to ring true in my heart "Our God is the God who saves." I LOVE THAT cause it's so true. Over and over again, I get to see it in the lives of people around me. Props to our whole team who really showed the energy that these songs demanded. Tim and Steph, you guys rocked!

Lisa and I then had the chance to sing the Elephant Love Medley from Moulin Rouge. My man, Jeff Petersen did an outstanding job getting the background to look SO COOL! The scene went from day to night and then to fireworks at the end. The moon looked incredible. Not to mention the dry ice that the tech team put together. Yeah, we were floating on clouds. Great work guys!

Later, Trace sang The Killers "When You Were Young", complete with weird movements that Brandon Flowers (lead singer from The Killers) does. He sounded awesome. Finally, at the end, in traditional Easter fashion, we ended with Goo Goo Dolls' "Better Days". Particularly at the 7:30pm service on Saturday, I could sense the Holy Spirit doing something amazing in the room. Grace was offered and accepted. Forgiveness met us during this song. I talked to Trace after and mentioned that it was one of those "Fix You" moments. Beautiful.

Thanks again to everyone who did such a great job! Especially the band, Adam, Brian, Dustin. You all did so well, with so many different songs.

All in all, a great weekend and a great launch to our Sound Vows series which should be very helpful to many people. I'm looking forward to it.


Heredes said...

You are the stinkin man !!! Both my wife and I just gave you and your wife a standing ovation here in Miami !! For real , we did (i dropped my dumbells and watched in awe)... amazing dude ! The elephant medley was outta hand! You guys are great .. I'll call ya laters .. sorry we didnt catch up earlier... but I'm glad you guys had a great Easter. Peace - Oh yeah .. Lets get it started, sure did get it started! Runing, running ...

Baker said...

Awesome job! The Bakers enjoyed themselves . . . . all twelve of us! I loved how the streetlight lit up when Lisa touched it and when the background highlighted different elements all leading to the climax of the huge moon, great storytelling to support the music from the technical side all pointing to the love song of Christ in Mark's message! Great job. Although I'm beginning to wonder if you took this job just so you could make out with your wife on the stage . . . you've accomplished your goal, now what? (Totally joking . . you guys rocked.)

Stephanie said...

That was an awesome weekend! You are a great leader :) I loved the Elephant Medley, that was so sweet. Thanks to you and Lisa for being great models for John & I and our marriage.