Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Greater Glimpse

It's in the shadow of a day like yesterday at Virginia Tech that value of our ministry seems to come into focus. Here's the dismal truth: if the Church was really being the Church, people like this dude wouldn't be slipping through the cracks. Now, I understand about the Fall and whatnot, but it seems that if somehow, someone would have intercepted this man as a kid, we wouldn't have 32 dead today. Hindsight is 20/20, but I just hope that this generation, the ones on our watch would catch a greater glimpse of hope. A greater glimpse of peace. A greater glimpse of the love of Christ.

Maybe it's because I have kids now that I'm even more keenly aware of what loss might be to the parents of these young men and women. Two days ago, these people were looking forward to graduation, jobs, their lives. Today, a much different story. Overwhelming grief. Unending questions. Pain so deep that it is beyond what words could say. My heart breaks for these. The heart of Jesus breaks for these. The only hope is in the fact that Jesus conquered death and can bring beauty from ashes. Hope is in the resurrected Christ who makes all things new and can take the worst the world can bring, and use it for His glory.

Lord, show the world a greater glimpse of who You are today.

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