Friday, March 16, 2007

Big Bottoms...

No, I'm not talking about people's behinds. I am talking about a huge difference it makes to have a good subwoofer as part of the home studio set up. I was just able to get a kickin' new sub from M-Audio. The BX-10

It has a real punch without being muddy. Very cool feature of a footswitch kill if you want to hear your music without the sub. Much easier than reaching to find the off switch on the back, behind your desk. This is going to be so helpful in mixing for the large auditorium that we have. Since I create most of our backing tracks that go along with our music each weekend at GCC, it is going to make a huge difference to understand what the real impact of adding a few db to any given bass notes. More as songs develop.

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Baker said...

"Oh, My Gosh, Becky, look at that speaker, it is so big . . . I bet it belongs to one of those pastor guys . . . who knows about those pastor guys . . ."