Sunday, March 18, 2007

Helping Us Believe

One of the things that has hit me lately, (I'm going through the One Year Bible) is this issue of what it means to BELIEVE. I mean REALLY believe. Over and over again Jesus points out the faith of ordinary people who seem to "get it" and then contrasting it with those who SHOULD get it, but really don't.

One example is in Mark 9:14-29. A demon-possessed boy's father approaches Jesus. Having struggled for years with a boy that is untameable - he's at his end. He asks Jesus IF he CAN do anything to help. Jesus then reminds him (and us) that EVERYTHING is possible for those who believe. To which the man responds, (I LOVE THIS LINE) "I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief." So true. So honest. I've heard it said that that which is most personal is most universal. I think this applies here. That's SO ME!

I think that's why I can relate to the discples so well. One minute they're all, "YEAH, LORD! WHATEVER YOU SAY!" The next moment, "UH... 5000 people. Us... I mean, we don't even have the gift of hospitality." I wonder what would happen if our prayers would ask God to help us believe? How would that change our perspective? How would our time be spent? How would our resources be spent?

Pastor Mark really NAILED IT this weekend (check it out HERE)as he challenged people with "who do you say Jesus is?" It's this fundamental question that will literally shape our lives. For those of us who believe that He's God's son, and has died for us, and rose again, and sent His Spirit; we have to then live out of this dependence on God for EVERYTHING. Believing that God will follow through on His promises.

Dang it, now I gotta think about this stuff...

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God is love.

..and remember, you heard it here first!