Friday, March 23, 2007

God Tube

I may be about 10 months late on this, but have you checked out GodTube? Oh, man. So much potential for good, but CHOCK FULL of stuff that just about anyone could parody. Check out:

The Banana vs. The Athiest

I laughed OUT LOUD at this one:

Christian Clown Training

Check out this kid's potential:

Future Preacher Boy

We'll see where all this goes. Have fun.

1 comment:

BananaBoatBoy said...

While I'm not atheist (I believe that you believe), I'll still point out a typical non-atheist (read: religious) view that is increasingly harmful to the world and the environment -- that everything is here for your pleasure. Like the spoiled rotten child who has everything, yet cherishes nothing, the Christian muddles through his God-given world, plundering and pillaging the Earth like yesterday's toy.

You know what else God gave you? Ebola. It fits nicely into your above room temperature body where it thrives and has not the foresight to realize that if it kills the host, it kills itself.

A better parallel between a modern organism and the Christian organism cannot be made.

Has the Christian argument against evolution really come down to a banana? Really..? Is that all that's left? Admittedly, there isn't much left to hold onto.

God I love Dan's Simple Way blog. I do. I'm a regular visitor, though anonymous I must remain. A bumper sticker said it best, I think:

"Jesus, save me from your followers"

Don't worry, this God will perish too 1000 years from now along with Zeus, Kukulcan and Eros.

Time dispells all myth, it seems.

Preach on, brother Dan! Hoo-rah.