Tuesday, June 10, 2008

13 Years Today!

I have been married to my wonderful wife, Lisa, for 13 years today!  I consider myself a fortunate guy.  I think of the knight in Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade telling me, "You have chosen WISELY."  

Here is a short list of great things about Lisa:
- she is fiercely loyal
- she is passionate about whatever she's doing
- she points me toward Jesus
- she loves popcorn
- she has an amazing smile
- she keeps a short account - no mind games
- she respects me as a husband
- she is an amazing cook with a great gift of hospitality
- she is a diligent worker 
- she loves Diet Coke
- she loves the Beatles
- she digs 80's movies (we did a John Hughes marathon last night!)
- she sings with all of her soul
- she is my best friend

I love you honey!  Thanks for 13 wonderful years!  


becky c said...

Well, had I known that when I saw you guys earlier today I would have said something! Congrats guys - 13 years is a big accomplishment!!

MCC said...

Awesome! 13 years is a HUGE accomplishment. Congrats.

Kristin Baker said...

Didn't read your blog until we got back or I would have wished you Happy Anniversary, so um, happy late anniversary!