Friday, June 13, 2008

Arts Conference Session 5 - Richard Allen Farmer

Arts Conference - Richard Allen Farmer

We are curious people as artists.

This curiosity, keeps us pushing the edges. It can drive non-artsy people crazy.

DaVinci wouldn’t take “yes” for an answer.

Artists are pushing limits constantly. Asking “why” or “why not” or “what would it look like?”

Friction is a good thing – this causing

Unceasing Worship – Harold Best
It is the rubbing, creating stylistic syntheses that is a good thing. Pairing odd combinations.

Friction is not merely tolerated, it is encouraged. CREATIVE RISK!!!
Can our team handle the tension? That we risk on a weekly basis.
We don’t want everything to be smooth. This is where you find beauty.

How we define ourselves can often limit our creativity.

Can we be truly intelligent as artists? The WHY behind the WHAT.

“I believe there is a form of profanity that goes beyond our current definition.
Taking language in vain, is second to taking the Lord’s name in vain. The words that we use were God created. We must use them wisely, clearly, and with articulation.”

Christ is called “the word” – apparently words are important.

“We must never overlook the fact so often forgotten by Christians that God’s word itself is a work of art.”

I want to be made speechless, to be held in awe. Creating awe and wonder in our services.

Being lost in love, wonder and praise. Managing the mystery of this all. Silence and mystery. Not everything being explained. Enjoying that mystery. A vapor, a cloud, hanging all over our heads. 2 Chron. 5 – the priests could not ministery due to the density of the God’s presense.

An outrageous relationship to our art. How God works through it and speaks through it. (I think of THE TRUTH media that we had a couple years ago. Now, 1.1 million hits on youtube)

Cannot define the mystery of our relationships.

In the tour of the artists head. We find the Bible. We are not simply religious. Lovers of God in Christ. Serious theological thinking INFORMS our art. This is crucial.


Exodus 31:1-6 – God’s craftsmen – Bezalel and Oholiab and others

These artists work together in a team.

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Jeff M. Miller said...

Richard Allen Farmer is a great teacher/musician/inspiration. I've invited him to our church a few times (two different places I've been), and he's always been fantastic.

I'm glad the conference got to experience him. More people should know about him.