Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tim Stevens - Pop Goes the Church Breakout Session

Tim did a great job in presenting one of the passions of his heart, the church's use of pop culture. Here are some notes.

Pop Goes the Church

Spiritual Reality #1 - Most churches aren’t impacting their communities.

Spiritual Reality #2 – Spiritual interest is on the rise

People are having spiritual conversations but they aren’t going to the church to find the answers.

Churches are too busy answering questions that no one’s asking.

What if talking back to the preacher is what people really need?

When people do come, they don’t feel like they’re in a safe place to ask questions.

Acts 17 – Paul in Athens
- Sees many idols around town
- Begins to preach and is rejected by most
- Uses the culture to reach them. “An unknown god”.
- Uses songs – “We are his offspring.”

We need to figure out how to best use our culture to reach our communities.

We must stop being irrelevant to those truly seeking God.

We don’t often like the questions. We like giving answers. We must engage the culture conversations around us. This is crucial.

You can use pop culture to package a topic and attract a crowd.
- not a church yet
- speaking to topics that will make it easy to invite our dechurched or unchurched friends
- Finding cultural ties

Use pop culture to get people thinking or laughing.
- people are waiting for us to mess up.

Provide a new interpretation for a pop culture element.

Use pop culture elements to encourage the people who are making the ministry happen.

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