Friday, June 20, 2008

Leadership Thoughts from Camp

Just got back and what a GREAT week we had at Camp Adventure!!!

Things I was reminded of at camp this year:

1. Developed leadership = a great hope. There is great HOPE for this next generation. There is an awesome group of middleschoolers at GCC who LOVE JESUS! I am looking forward to seeing what God does through these kids who are surrendered to God's work in their lives. DC and his team are working to develop leaders all the time.

2. Faithful leadership = great opportunities for God to work. The consistent, courageous leadership that Mark Beeson, DC Curry, John Keim and Jeff Myers presented, really helped students meet with God. Their commitment to the keeping "the main thing, the main thing" really paid off once again. Especially the way they train/encourage the counselors throughout the week makes all the difference in the campers' experience. THIS WAS MARK BEESON'S 35TH YEAR AT CAMP ADVENTURE! Hold on... gas was 35 CENTS A GALLON when he started his involvement!!! Amazing!

3. Shared leadership = greater results. It was great sharing worship leading duties with my friend, Seth Bible this week. He has amazing talent, but an even greater heart! Kids really engaged under his leadership. His song "So Beautiful" went over great this week. Check it out HERE. Go down the playlist to hear it.

4. SHAPEd leadership = exponential experience. Listening to Mark Beeson on commitment night, watching a leader with amazing ability coach a kid through the high ropes course, seeing a high schooler, Steph Park, help with my kids, experiencing
Dustin Maust's amazing guitar and photography skills, watching Jeff Myers put together a fantastic media. All great things which each person's SHAPE helped make even more amazing.

5. Self leadership (partnered with the Holy Spirit) = taking next steps. The picture above is of my daughter Sophie on the climbing wall. Sophie is 7. This was her first attempt which was a great challenge. However, this time, she stopped at about halfway up and came back down. After coming down she told us "I wish I could go again." Cue to all parents: when your kid wants to try to be successful in something - MAKE IT HAPPEN. I did help make this happen. She got another shot. The second time around, SHE MADE IT! And slid down a huge zipline as well! SHE DIDN'T GIVE UP! I was so proud of her. She was determined to succeed and led herself well. I'm sure this experience will stick with her for the rest of her life. (More pix coming of my 9 year old, Anna, doing both the high ropes AND rock wall.)

A great week. I'm glad to be home and see my wife after 2 weeks away with the Willow Arise Conference and then Camp. Good to be home.

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