Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Arts Conference - Session 2 - Giles Ste-Croix

Giles Ste-Croix – Session 2

Creative Process – 2-3 years before – show concept
- you have to know what you want the show to carry before you find what it is that you want to present.
- Content before vehicle
- Gather a team around a director – very
- Always looking to “find” the show – looking for the best idea

“the Lion’s Den” – having a pre-release of the show prior to opening
- feedback 4 weeks before the show opens
- 3 of these before the dress rehearsal
- organic process – sharing ideas and working together to make the show appear from the Malestrom of ideas.
- Discovering it as we move along.

Pulling people in along the way – have a rough rehearsal ahead of time to get feedback. Ordinary audience members to give this. Rather than the artists or people who are in the process.

Beatle’s LOVE –
- buckets approach to idea gathering
- building ideas upon ideas

Cirque gives back 1% of revenue to streets kids around the world

Fighting gravity is a form of art.

A taste of beauty and wonder. Staggering awe.

Why does art matter in the world?
- need to create things that are beautiful around us
- this speaks to our emotion
- necessary for our living
- function without form is DEAD!
- When you experience beauty, which helps us change our perceptions of what we encounter everyday.

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